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Metamorfose en makeover Eindhoven, vind de stijl die bij je past!

Naam: Anne Lillholm Leeftijd: 50 Woonplaats: Nuenen Beroep: Medische analist Datum: 3 juli 2013

“My husband found everything fantastic (except the light rosa silk top – who cares). He told me it was clear I would not have choosen the clothes without your help. Big applause to you Mirjam. I havee put all clothes on hangers, I am too tired to do anything else
– but tomorrow I will take a closer look. I am soo very, very satisfied with my 16 pieces of clothes, my sjaal and my bag. But the beige jacket is my favorite until now. the grenish skirt I am not completly sure about, but I will take it on tomorrow and see how I feel. And my hair, I am just in love with it – then I have to see how it looks tomorrow morning.

A 150% succes day. For the first time in many, many months I felt pretty – that was why my tears came.”


“Mijn nieuwe look is in een woord fantastisch!”

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