"Akke Marije is an amazing stylist"

Naam: Drs. T.P. (Taya) Slobodjaniuk Leeftijd: 50 Woonplaats: Amsterdam Beroep: Psycholoog / ondernemer Datum: 18 september 2022

“Akke was highly recommended by my Expat friends, and coincidentally, where I felt I needed to change my style and wardrobe, she just appeared. She was very well prepared, coordinated and made me feel very comfortable changing everything I need. Akke also adapted to my needs and we both worked together to make an even better outcome. I would highly recommend Akke Marije as an amazing stylist.”


“Dit ben ik in 2.0. Een investering in mijzelf die zó de moeite waard is geweest”

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