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"She is amazing in her ability to pick the right combinations"

Naam: David O. Leeftijd: 47 Woonplaats: Amsterdam Beroep: IT project manager Datum: 16 april 2013

“This was my second meeting with X Styling&Image and Mirjam, the first was her helping me pick out fall / winter outfits. For the second meeting, Mirjam helped me put together spring / summer outfits. I have not experience with seasonal dressing but after the day with Mirjam, I now understand how one can dress differently for the warmer months. Although this seems obvious, I have gone through life without making such a distinction. Mirjam is amazing in her ability to pick out a jacket, shirts, slacks and shoes and accessories such that many, many different combinations can be worn. So, and I am approximating, 10 purchases yields more than 10 outfits. She also helped me further organize my existing wardrobe. In summary, I now feel I have a full years worth of clothing and learning – and the concepts will stay with me ongoing. My goal was to learn how to dress like a European. I now feel like: a) I can dress like a European, and 2) that I understand how to dress.”

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“Mijn nieuwe look is in een woord fantastisch!”

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