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"This was a godsend, so, so helpful."

Naam: David O. (naam is anoniem) Leeftijd: 45 Woonplaats: Haarlem Beroep: Ict project manager Datum: 8 november 2012

“I had no idea what to expect having never done anything like this before and not having a background in fashion or shopping. I was very impressed with Miriam and the process. It went very smooth and quickly and successfully. I was relieved that I did not have to try on tons of things to make decisions. And, what I did not expect – was the system, how a few things can work together to make many combinations – and the learning that lots of clothes is really not necessary. I also liked how the system worked across all life segments: work, casual, and going out – the learning that separate clothes are not needed for each segment. I learned things about clothing related to my features – e.g., smaller collars, v-necks, nothing too loud, and warm colors. Oh, forgot about this – when she went through my clothes and said “keep” or “toss” – this was a godsend, so, so helpful.”


“Dit ben ik in 2.0. Een investering in mijzelf die zó de moeite waard is geweest”

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