17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee on a style that suits you


17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee op een stijl die bij je past

Our story

Hello, I'm Akke Marije, stylist, and happily married with two sons.

  • Akke Marije van der Werf

    Hello, I’m Akke Marije, styliste, and happily married with two sons.

    "Aren’t clothes what makes the man (or the woman)? Style is used... to express who you are!"

    “As a little girl, I used my mom’s wardrobe to create different combinations and looks. I was fascinated by what clothes can do to change how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived by others. Clothes can make you happy, inspire you or boost your self-confidence.
    After studying at the academy for fashion management, I spent five years working as a purchaser for some of the largest fashion brands. I gained a lot of experience, learning about fits, fabrics, styles, trends, materials, brands and collections.
    Even though I loved my job, it opened my eyes to a problem that many people have: they often find it difficult to figure out which clothes fit them best. “Who am I and what really suits me?” was a question that I heard a lot. In 2006 I decided to follow my heart and started helping people find the best looks for themselves. It makes me happy when I see people glow when they look in the mirror! Since I started in 2006 a lot of special things have happened. We give advice to many happy (and regular) customers every year. And after all, clothes make the man (and woman), right? Style is used… to express who you really are!”

  • Elise van Rijssen

    Hello, I am Elise, stylist, and married with three children.

    "It’s wonderful to see someone light up with confidence..."

    “I am a real people-person. Seeing how my clients’ self-confidence grows when they look in the mirror is something I savor! I have 18 years of experience in fashion and styling, and I have deep knowledge of different brands and fits. I stay up-to-date on all the trends and can teach you which styles would be best for you. What your life is like, who you are, what you do and what you want all matter to me.
    The joy my clients feel when they look good especially sparks my enthusiasm. That’s something I relish. The right clothing style enhances your appearance and gives your self-confidence an extra boost.”

  • Barbara Jaquet

    Hello, I am Barbara, personal shopper and happily married with children.

    "Surprising, sparkling, but still you!"

    “I have a lot of experience in fashion as a buyer and professional stylist. All I’ve ever wanted was to share my passion for making people happy with their personal styles. Clothes have a lot of influence on how you feel and how you come across. I can tell you about the best cities, shops, and places for buying fashion. You’ll learn everything about the best styles and colors for your figure, and which collections would be best for you. Surprising, different, and yet always you! My approach can best be described as inspiring, informative, “out of the box” and fun! I really immerse myself in your uniqueness. To see that you’re happy with your personal style is what makes me happy!”

  • “From a very young age, I’ve been into fashion. During and after university, I was responsible for the purchase and sale of various fashion shops and chains.
    Over the course of those years, it became increasingly clear to me that there is great demand for personal attention and expertise in the world of fashion because everyone is unique and has their own individual needs.
    I’m on top of styles and trends, have an eye for color, fit, and fabrics, and am particularly attuned to your one-of-a-kind needs.
    You can always look stylish, no matter your budget. I’m always familiar with the latest collections and know exactly where to find the cutest items and the best shops. I really enjoy their smiles when my clients see their reflection in the mirror… In 2010 Akke Marije and I joined forces to make even more people happy with how they look.”

Who are we? Our approach.

How can you describe us best? What do our customers say about us?

  • 1

    Every one of our customers is unique: unparalleled empathy, sensitivity, and insight into people. Your personality is central to our approach. With our awareness of individuality and 15 years of experience, we come to a deep understanding of who you are and what suits you. Every piece of advice we give is unique!

  • 2

    Our competence and expertise are exceptional. When you work with us, you get expert and totally independent advice. Learn everything about fit, styles, colors, shops, and collections, no matter which city you like to shop in.

  • 3

    We know how to listen. Who you are is important, so we listen to what you want. We ask the right questions to fully understand your wishes.

  • 4

    We’re “outside the box” thinkers. Surprising, different and yet still you! Get new inspiration and ideas that push you to the edge of your comfort zone, but stay true to you and your uniqueness.

  • 5

    We’ll always be honest and independent. You can feel confident that you’ll always look your best because our feedback is always unbiased, honest and respectful. We don't take commission for the clothes you buy. All we care about is giving you good advice--the kind of advice that can really make a difference.

  • 6

    We’re personable and accessible. Our friendly and enthusiastic approach--and the positive energy we bring to every interaction--will ensure you have a great experience.

In the media

We are regularly featured by the press. We do interviews, offer tips, give advice on trends, and more. We were even chosen (by Libelle amongst others) as the best experience in the Netherlands!

You can find us regularly in major publications, such as an interview with Akke Marije that recently appeared in Cosmopolitan.

We were selected as “the best experience in the Netherlands” (in Libelle, amongst others)!

Dreams come true...

There's nothing like the smile of a child. We are pleased that we can help make terminally ill childrens’ dreams come true. We support the Make a Wish Foundation. Make a Wish -- The Netherlands