17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee on a style that suits you


17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee op een stijl die bij je past

Personal shopping styling day or styling session

Inspiring style advice put into practice: Learn how to develop a personal style that sparkles

If you dress with confidence, you’ll feel good, and it’ll show. When your style emphasizes your strengths, you’ll feel and act from them.

Do you want to learn how to create a style that makes you happy? Maybe you’re not really sure what style really suits you. You wonder which clothes would bring out the best in you. Which clothes would make you look and feel fabulous. We understand that many people find this difficult. There’s a huge variety of styles and collections in many different shops, often people end up choosing the same old outfit again and again, or spending lots of time shopping without finding the right clothes. No need to panic or feel down about this. You can learn how to be fashionable. It’s just a matter of following the right guidelines.

Discover what suits you best. You won’t be styled exactly like anyone else your stylist works with, or only according to the latest fashion trends. You’re  unique, and that’s why your personality is central to our styling. Choose the style you feel most comfortable with. We look at how your style can be more memorable, more unique and yet still be wholly you. You will learn how to combine the right pieces, and you’ll get lots of new insights.

Want to know where to find suitable clothing for yourself? You get lots of helpful tips, inspiring new ideas  and surprising insights into combinations, fits, colors, shops, and collections. Once you have the right practical guidelines, you’ll know which clothes, colors, and materials flatter  you. You know what does and doesn’t fit.

We’re familiar with the collections in all the  shops in every city, and can give you honest, unbiased advice. We can shop for every budget and will show you how to find the quality and fit you need at affordable prices. We’ll help you create a look that makes you sparkle, and that suits you, no matter what your age, your lifestyle, or what you do for a living. Bring out your best.

Never make a bad buying decision again. In addition to the happiness that your new style will bring you, you’ll save on clothing by not buying things that you won’t enjoy wearing. Think of how many items you buy that never leave your closet again after you’ve put them away for the first time. A makeover is an investment in yourself. You’ll get returns on it quickly, and the lessons you learn will be applicable for the rest of your life.

We use the “Conscious radiant you” method. This method is exclusively ours. Our style advice comes with no strings attached. We help you make conscious clothing choices that will empower you and boost your confidence. Making you trulyhappy :)

Our personalized styling advice helps you get in touch with yourself and lets you show the world who you truly are! Be your best self, both at work and in your personal life.

Experience an inspiring, fun and educational styling day that includes personal shopping. Feel more confident and get compliments, both at work and at home.

We know our way around every city. We know all the, shops and collections. We can meet you in the town where you like to shop or in a city that offers  great fashion choices. Or you can visit one of our various locations.

We offer several great options. Get a styling day for yourself or give one as a gift. A real treat for both men and women. Create your own total styling day exactly the way you want it.

On your styling day, you’ll come along on a journey that’s inspiring, informative and fun.

Get helpful tips and guidelines that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life!


· Personal shopping days in Paris, London or Barcelona 898,- (2 days)

· Complete day of styling including style advice: Style advice, wardrobe advice and color analysis starts at just €398,- (4.5 hours at €89,- p/h) including creation of a personal style book with a value of €30

· Makeover day: €398,- (5 hours)

· Personal Shopping & Styling Day: from €298,- (3.5 hours at €89,- p/h)

· Styling session & advice: for €145,- (75 minutes at €89,- p/h) including personal style book with a value of €30,-


Immerse yourself in an inspiring, instructive and fun day of styling that’s all about you. Get helpful tips and guidelines that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life!

  • A clothing style that really suits you!

    Look good and feel great

  • Experienced: We know every city, shop and collection

    Independent experts who give honest advice

  • Learn about styles, fits, combinations, colors, collections and shops

    Tips on how to keep from making bad buying decisions

  • How to look more memorable: Think outside the box

    100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Fun for the rest of your life


“Mijn nieuwe look is in een woord fantastisch!”

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How we work

We start to give you honest and transparent advice about what suits you best right away, during your free intake session.

  • Take a look at the video for a sneak peek into how we work

    • Getting acquainted and discussing ideas Personal shopper: During the intake session we meet with you personally to find out what you're comfortable with. We prepare for your shopping trip to maximize efficiency. We know where to find the collections that’ll meet your needs, and together we’ll decide which city to shop in.

    • Clothing and style advice put into practice This day is all about you. It’ll be filled with personal shopping, tips, and advice about styles, colors, combinations, fits, shops and collections.

    • Fitting clothes You end up with a new, fabulous wardrobe that fits your personality. Your current wardrobe and new clothes will complement each other perfectly. You get a lot of useful tips that you can continue to apply for the rest of your life.

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