17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee on a style that suits you


17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee op een stijl die bij je past

Complete metamorphosis/makeover day

A sophisticated new look that’s just for you!

How you look and dress helps you feel confident and tells other people who you are. Accentuate your strengths and hide your insecurities and weaknesses. Other people will pick up on how good you feel.

Are you ready for a fresh new look? Our total makeover day is a collaboration between our top stylists: a clothing stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist. Each of them is an expert in her own field.

With our total makeover, your style will feel natural to you, but you’ll have a new hairdo, a new makeup palette, and a style and fashion refresh. Our advice isn’t just based on the latest fashion trends or what we like; instead, we celebrate your uniqueness. Your makeover revolves around what you need and what’s comfortable for you. That’s something we find out together. You are unique. 

Together we’ll arrive at a more memorable look that’s based on thinking outside the box and yet wholly you! Learn to look at yourself through a fresh set of eyes. You’ll find many new insights and a transformed you, and you’ll end up with a look that makes you happy.

Your makeover day starts with a new hairstyle and makeup application. After your visits to the hairdresser and makeup artist, you’ll have an inspiring afternoon of personal shopping to find the right outfits to complete your new look. Bring out the best in you.

Learn what styles, colors and fits suit you and get lots of useful tips, fun and inspiration. Show who you really are and be surprised by the result! (Both business and private)

We use the “Conscious radiant you” method. This method is exclusively ours. Our style advice comes with no strings attached.  We help you make conscious clothing choices that empower you and boost your confidence. Making you truly happy :)

We have a variety of  locations in different cities for our total makeover and complete metamorphosis day. We are familiar with the shops, and available collections in every city.

You can book a makeover day for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Treat yourself to a makeover or have one together with your partner or a friend. We give advice to both men and women. Create your own total makeover day exactly how you want it.

Still have questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Fill in your details on the contact page or send an email to akkemarije@personalshopper.NU (note the .NU address). You can also call me or send a WhatsApp message to 0651295330.


· Personal shopping days in London, Paris or Barcelona 998,- (2 days)

· Metamorphosis/makeover day: for 445,- (from 5 hours)

· Complete styling day: style advice, wardrobe advice and color analysis for 445,- (4.5 hours at 98,- p/h)

Personal Shopping & Styling Day: from 345,- (3.5 hours at 98,- p/h)


We take you on a journey that’s inspiring, informative and fun on your makeover styling day.
Get helpful tips and guidelines that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life!


Get helpful tips and guidelines that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life!

  •  You get a stunning look that really suits you (both for business and your personal life) and that makes you happy!
  •  3 top stylists for hair, makeup, and clothing
  •  You will learn about styles, fits, colors, collections and shops
  •  You’ll shop for memorable formal and casual wear. You’ll step out of your comfort zone, yet find styles that are wholly you!
  • You’ll look radiant!

    You’ll feel happy!!

  • Top stylists for hair, makeup, and clothing

    Honest, advice that you’ll remember, given by true experts

  • Learn about styles, fits, colors, collections and shops

    Avoid making bad fashion decisions

  • How to create a more unique look: Think outside the box

    100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • Lots of helpful, inspiring, and eye-opening tips

    Fun for the rest of your life


“Dit ben ik in 2.0. Een investering in mijzelf die zó de moeite waard is geweest”

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How we work

We start with a free intake session, where you’ll get honest and transparent advice about what’s best for you. Watch our video!

  • Take a look at the video for a sneak peek into how we work

    • Introduction and ideas We start the makeover with an extensive intake session so that we have multiple ideas to consider. Everything goes into consideration, but we only advise you to do what feels good to you.

    • Hair and makeup Total makeover of your hair and makeup. The morning is all about creating a new hairstyle and makeup look. We work only with the best professionals who can give you stunning results. You’ll get all kinds of tips on how to do your own hair and makeup in the future.

    • Style advice put into practice Personal shopping: In the afternoon we hit the road for a shopping spree to find you a new wardrobe that suits the “new” you. You also get advice on fits, colors, styles, collections, and matching. At the end of the day, you’ll be thrilled with your new look.

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