17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee on a style that suits you


17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee op een stijl die bij je past

Color advice and color analysis styling session

Inspiring color analysis: Avoid buying clothes that don’t flatter you. Instead, make yourself shine

When you look good, you feel good: you’ll feel stronger and have more self-confidence. The right colors flatter your appearance, give you energy, and make you sparkle.

Do you want to learn which colors will make you pop? Discover which colors flatter you and how you can keep from buying clothes that don’t suit you with our inspiring color analysis. You’ll get a lot of insights–some of which might surprise you–and helpful tips about which colors to choose for your clothes, hair, and makeup. The right colors will make you shine and feel good. Get individualized color advice or come along with friends, for an enlightening and fun experience! 

Have you ever had any doubts about whether or not a particular color flatters you? Or do you often go with the safest option or wear the same outfits over and over again? Maybe you have clothes in your closet that you never wear. It doesn’t have to be this difficult! Start bringing out your best.

Clothing color analysis has a lot of benefits but it can still be difficult to make the right choices when you’re shopping. There are an infinite number of colors, so how do you know when you’re choosing the right ones? I get a lot of inquiries from people who have previously had a color analysis done but don’t know how to put the knowledge to use. They need practical guidelines.

Do you need new practical insights?Along with our personal color advice, you’ll get a lot of useful and specific guidelines that you can rely on when you’re shopping. You will learn how to shop strategically and how to make the right choices.

We’ve been in business for over 15 years as personal shoppers and have extensive knowledge of how to look at colors in clothing. You’ll know exactly which clothes will flatter you most with our color analysis.

We use the “Conscious radiant you” method. This method is exclusively ours. Our style advice comes with no strings attached. We help you consciously choose clothes that will empower you and that give your confidence a boost. Making you truly happy :)

With the knowledge we have gained through experience, we have developed our own color passport. We divide the colors into three groups: primary colors, pastels, and intense colors. Bring your color passport with you whenever you shop for clothes, and you’ll know exactly which colors are best for you.

You can also get advice on which colors are best for your hair, clothing, make-up, and accessories, with our color analysis. The right colors can bring out the best aspects of your personality and empower you.  Our personal color analysis will make you feel more confident and bring out your best self!

We have various locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. We also meet with our clients in their homes or at a place of their choice.

We have several great color analysis package options. You can also design your own color analysis consultation package to fit your unique needs.


Complete styling day: Style advice, wardrobe advice, and color analysis starts at just €445,- (4,5 hours at €98,- p/h) including the creation of a personal style book with a value of €30

Styling session with personal color analysis for €109,- (including 2 color passports). The basic version is 85,- incl. color passport


Which colors bring out your best? Immerse yourself in an inspiring, informative and fun color analysis styling session.
Get helpful tips and guidelines that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

  • Learn everything about the colors that accentuate your best features
  • Get lots of convenient and practical tips
  • Receive an included Personal Color id, valued at €17.50
  • Avoid making bad fashion decisions
  • Learn which colors flatter you

    That makes you happy

  • Convenient color passport valued at €17.50

    Be strategic when shopping (avoid making bad buying decisions)

  • How to dress more to be memorable: Think outside the box

    With a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • Empathic, competent and unique

    Honest and independent advice

  • Lots of helpful tips, inspiration, and eye-opening advice

    Fun for the rest of your life


“Dit ben ik in 2.0. Een investering in mijzelf die zó de moeite waard is geweest”

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How we work

We start to give you honest and transparent advice about what suits you best right away, during your free intake session.

  • Take a look at the video for a sneak peek into how we work

    • Inspiring color analysis: See which colors make you shine. Which shade of red or blue suits you best? The same color can make one person look pale and the next person stand out.

    • Practical guidelines With our experience and knowledge, we don’t just provide you with theoretical advice. You’ll also get lots of useful, practical tips that will be applicable for the rest of your life.

    • Your own color passport At the end of your color analysis, you’ll get your very own color passport. Refer to it while shopping to become more strategic and keep yourself from making bad buying decisions.

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