17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee on a style that suits you


17 years of experience ,made many happy with their look


500 Reviews 9.6/10


100% Happiness guarantee op een stijl die bij je past

Color workshop and style advice as an experience: Inspiring style and color advice

Discover how styles and colors can make you shine

If your clothes make you look good, you’ll feel good and you’ll be more confident. You’ll make a stronger first impression.

Do you want to learn how to look your best? You can book our style advice and color analysis workshop together with your friends, family and/or colleagues for an experience everyone will enjoy. Learn everything about fits, colors, and styles. Afterwards, you’ll look at yourself differently and be able to bring out the best in your personality. Get personal tips, do’s and don’ts, and advice on how to look your very best.

There’s a wide range of collections. How can you be sure you’re making the right choices and buying clothes that really suit you? A workshop on style and color is very educational and informative, but it may still be difficult to put what you’ve learned into practice while shopping. I’m often contacted by clients who have gotten style advice before but are still confused about how to act on that advice. They lack practical guidelines.

Our workshops give you many useful tips and guidelines so that the advice can easily be applied when shopping. Learn how to shop strategically and how to keep from making bad buying decisions.

We have over 15 years of experience as professional stylists and personal shoppers. We have unmatched expertise finding the colors, styles, and clothes that flatter your figure. After this workshop, you’ll know which clothes, hairstyles, and kinds of makeup will look best on you.

We use the “Conscious radiant you” method. This method is exclusively ours. Our style advice comes with no strings attached. We help you consciously choose clothes that will empower you and that give your confidence a boost. Making you truly happy :)

Our color analysis and clothing workshop is veryinspiring, interactive, educational and fun! 

Add a personal shopping workshop to boost your ability to put our color and styling advice into practice. Learn everything about the latest trends, colors, fits, and styles. Be your best self, both at work and in your personal life.

Our color analysis and style advice workshop can be booked throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Book a session at your home, another place of your choice or one of our locations. Our workshop can also be held at a fine dining restaurant or catering facility, and you can choose to add high tea or a snack and a drink.

We offer several great options. You can put together your own custom workshop to meet your own unique needs.



Rates start at €35,- pp. (Depending on the number of participants and the length of the workshop) Get more information.
Discover your true style and be amazed by the results!

  • Find out which styles and colors make you more beautiful
  • Learn how you can keep from making bad buying decisions.
  • Available for both small and large groups
  • Informative and fun!
  • A clothing style that makes you look great

    And makes you happy

  • Learn about styles, fits, colors, stores en and collections

    That really suits you

  • How to dress more to be memorable: Think outside the box

    With a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • An enlightening and fun experience!

    Empathic, competent, remarkable and honest

  • Get helpful tips and eye-opening advice

    Fun for the rest of your life


“Dit ben ik in 2.0. Een investering in mijzelf die zó de moeite waard is geweest”

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How we work

We start to give you honest and transparent advice about what suits you best right away, during your free intake session.

  • Take a look at the video for a sneak peek into how we work

    • Clothing and style advice Discover which styles and fits suit you best.

    • Color analysis You’ll get personal color advice: Learn which colors make you shine and how to shop strategically. Get your own personal colorID that will help keep you from buying clothes that don't suit you.

    • Personal shopping We put color and style advice into practice. Together we’ll go shopping in a city of your choice to find items and collections that’ll suit you perfectly. We’ll prepare for our trip beforehand so we can shop efficiently. You will get advice on the right fits, styles, combinations, colors, collections, and stores.

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